What is Quarq?

Quarq is a new game system. You can play an unlimited number of games with a Deck of Quarqs.
Fundamentally, Quarq is a deck of 72 cards, consisting of

  • 60 Quarq cards, each a unique combination of 3 suits
  • 12 suit cards, which are used in some games

Quarq comes packaged with 14 games, including

  • 5 adaptations of favorite traditional card games
  • 4 brand new strategy card games
  • 3 novel stand-up games, which are generally simple
  • 2 poker games

Quarq games tend to be particularly simple to learn (rules typically fit on a playing card).
The goal is not to spell out in excruciating detail how to play any 1 game.
Rather, we seek to engage your creativity to figure out the best way to play our games.
Most importantly, we hope you will be inspired to create your own games and publish them here for the world to play (free)!

1. Get a Deck of Quarqs

2. Play some games

Play any of the games that comes with Quarq, or browse our database of free games.

3. Share reviews and publish new games!

When you have played a game, add a review so others can learn about it.
Create a new game playable with a Quarq deck. It's fun!
Publish your creation for the world to discover and play!